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A Giant in Video Production

Welcome to my world - the results of thousands of cups of coffee! I've been making films for directors, producers and companies for a decade. I personally invite you to take a look at what I've created through collaboration with some fantastic individuals. So grab a delicious brew and enjoy.

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Client: Liquor Depot “Oiler TV” Produced at: Top Drawer Creative Role: Post-Production Supervisor, Editor

Client: T1D Think Tank Network Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy – A Web Series Produced by: O’Connell Creative Roles: All

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Client: Leadnow Vote Better Campaign Video Produced at: O’Connell Creative with Aaron Bird Role: All, with Aaron Bird

Videos produced in support of GBGH SOS – Save Our Services campaign Produced at: O’Connell Creative Role: All

Client: T1D Think Tank “What We Say” Produced at: O’Connell Creative Role: Director, Co-Producer, Post-Production

Client: The Moneyline Podcast Podcast Video Production Produced at: O’Connell Creative Role: All

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Client: T1D Think Tank T1D Think Tank Promotional Video – Mixed Footage Produced at: O’Connell Creative Role: Co-Producer, Editor

Client: SAIL “SAIL: Boxing Week Event” Produced at: Top Drawer Creative Role: Editor

Client: Top Drawer Creative “Home” Produced at: Top Drawer Creative Role: Co-Producer, Cinematography, Editor

Client: SAIL “Pre-Boxing Day Eventt” Produced at: Top Drawer Creative Role: Editor